9th October 2015
Ultra Vie

Lawrence in the long hall title LAWRENCE WEINER | BLENHEIM PALACE EXHIBITIONConceptual American artist Lawrence Weiner and Blenheim Art Foundation have come together to present a new exhibition entitled Within a Realm of Distance, taking place at Blenheim Palace. Opening on 10 October, the exhibition showcases both significant works created by Weiner over the past several decades, and several works that have been created especially for Blenheim Palace.

FAR ENOUGH AWAY 300x200 LAWRENCE WEINER | BLENHEIM PALACE EXHIBITIONWeiner, who is considered one of the most influential conceptual artists working today and a seminal figure in the founding of conceptual art, has worked closely with Blenheim Art Foundation and co-curator Christian Gether to put together the exhibition. Existing as an idea rather than a physical object, Weiner invited visitors to experience his work in tandem with the rich heritage of the Palace.

WITH IN A REALM OF DISTANCE 2 200x300 LAWRENCE WEINER | BLENHEIM PALACE EXHIBITIONUsing the Palace as part of the exhibition, juxtaposing the art and the architecture of the Palace. The exhibition is the second by Blenheim Art Foundation, a programme of contemporary art, following the inaugural exhibition by Ai Weiwei in 2014. A dedicated collector of contemporary art, Lord Edward has long held the ambition to launch a contemporary art programme at Blenheim Palace, and realised Blenheim Art Foundation in 2014 with its Director, Michael Frahm.

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