The Inaugural Photo Art Fair │ Discovering the Undiscovered

29th April 2013
Robert Westacott
Untitled 11 The Inaugural Photo Art Fair │ Discovering the Undiscovered© France Dubois

The Photo Art Fair will debut in London this week, on Thursday 2nd of May, in an attempt to open dynamic channels of communication, between both aspiring and accomplished photographers and collectors alike. The central manifesto of the fair has been dubbed ‘intelligent collecting’, suggesting a meticulous selection process with a real focus on identifying unrecognised talent.

The event will be held at Victoria House in Bloomsbury, London, a 22,000 square foot venue appropriate for showcasing the works of 50 artists from around the world. The experts, who have formed the selection committee and brought the project to life, include editor of the British Journal of Photography Simon Bainbridge, revered collector and gallery owner Gert Elfering, and the Photo Art Fair’s curator Susie Babchick, among others.

Alan Mahon 794x1024 The Inaugural Photo Art Fair │ Discovering the Undiscovered

© Alan Mahon

Babchick, along with her exemplary record of collaborations within the industry, is the former agent of the late Corinne Day: not only well known for her ‘The Third Summer of Love’ fashion editorial with Kate Moss, but also her ‘Face of Fashion‘ exhibition at the NPG in 2007. When asked which artists she was particularly excited about, Babchick listed Warren Du Preez, Nick Thornton Jones and Marlene Marino as photographers who are emulating Corinne Day or Juergen Teller, by transitioning between accomplished fashion photographers and promising contemporary artists.

Concerning the premise of the Photo Art Fair, Babchick said, “The important part is that there are contemporary art galleries and photography galleries, and some contemporary art galleries represent photographers, but not many and there aren’t that many photography galleries, so there’s all this talent not being recognised.”

“There are around 50,000 photographers in the UK and many of them are unrepresentedby a gallery. The Photo Art Fair will create an inclusive and democratic platform for emerging talent. The Photo Art Fair aims to be a journey of inspiration through different genres of photography”.

The show will provide the exclusive opportunity to sample and purchase some of the most underrated photography currently available, with prices ranging between £250 and £10,000. Throughout the duration of the fair, there will also be panel discussions, Q & A sessions, and workshops held by some of the most respected practitioners in their field. As well as these additional highlights, hundreds of photographic artworks will be available via an online gallery, aimed at international buyers and enthusiasts who are unable to attend.

Address: Victoria House, Bloomsbury Square, London WC1B 4DA