Discovering Istanbul | INN London 2013

11th April 2013
Laura Burnside
INN LONDON cut4 Discovering Istanbul | INN London 2013Stills from Resurrection: Fractal Continuum (2012) by Ozan Turkkan, © Ozan Turkkan, Courtesy of Kurye Video and INN London 2013.

We have had the chance to preview INN London’s first ever exhibition, which explores the exciting city of Istanbul.

NIAN 020 426x639 200x300 Discovering Istanbul | INN London 2013

Nihan Buruk. Couretsy of INN London 2013.

INN London is a new organization that aims to bring the best of a foreign city’s culture, creativity and commerce to the heart of London. This year, Turkey’s cultural and business capital Istanbul reveals its fascinating contemporary art, fashion, architecture and food.

Starting tomorrow (April 12th), INN London brings together leading artists, architects, fashion designers, galleries & shops, all within Bloomsbury’s Victoria House. Celebrity Chef Silvena Rowe will also be present to offer a Turkish luxury street-food experience.

EMRE AROLAT SANCAKLAR MOSQUE 6 768x1024 Discovering Istanbul | INN London 2013

Sancaklar Mosque, Emre Arolat Architects, © Emre Arolat. Courtesy of INN London 2013.

Visitors get a chance to move from room to room, discovering cutting-edge fashion, browsing works from leading Turkish artists, and learning about Istanbul’s promising architects, while, of course, sipping on Turkish coffee.

They can also admire jewellery designed by Zeckié, hand-made shoes from Dora Teymur, and innovative designs by Merve Kahraman.

Multi-award wining Emre Arolat Architects show images of their Sancaklar Mosque, which aims to address the fundamental issues of designing a mosque by distancing itself from the current architectural discussions based on form, and focusing solely on the essence of religious space.

Merkur gallery showcases Generation Construction I (2012) by conceptual artist Erol Eskici, which covers the ideas of philosophers such as Foucault, Wilhelm Reich and Gabriel De Tarde, describing the exhaustion process of a life which is lived like a prisoner who is never allowed to be a real individual.

generation construction I Erol Eskici.jpg 1024x625 Discovering Istanbul | INN London 2013

Generation Construction I, Erol Eskici, © Erol Eskici. Courtesy of Galleri Merkur and INN London 2013.

CDA Projects presents, amongst others, Self-Portrait (2011) by artist Burçak Bingöl, who re-thinks the themes of fragility and alienation through today’s image and form by means of mass production and repetition.

BB 21 1024x771 Discovering Istanbul | INN London 2013

Self-Portrait (2011) by Burçak Bingöl. © Burçak Bingöl. Courtesy of CDA Projects. INN London 2013.

INN London also offers a programme of cultural talks and events, information on travelling in Turkey as well as the chance to purchase exclusive artist prints, Turkish books, magazines and products.

Director of the UKTI Turkey & HM Consul-General Istanbul Jessica Hand says that “INN Istanbul brings not just a representation, but the atmosphere, identity and the ‘feel’ of the whole city.”

Future INN editions will give Londoners an inside view into Sao Paolo, Moscow, Mumbai and Shanghai.