Create The Perfect Cup Of Coffee

10th February 2014
Alyssa Howell
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Workshop Coffee  Co. has created a programme of Home Brewing Classes showing keys to create the perfect cup of coffee. You will not want to miss!

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Workshop Coffee Co.

Thanks to the increase in boutique roasters, combined with a thirst for knowledge by consumers, the capital’s coffee drinkers are becoming increasingly sophisticated. Appreciating a cup of coffee is akin to savouring a glass of fine wine, but for those who struggle to differentiate between key methods of extraction it can be overwhelming.

Over the course of each two hour session, pupils will be first treated to an introduction to coffee and how it is grown, stored and shipped. They will also be given some insider tips on how to buy better coffee – from decoding label information to learning about varieties found in coffee and delving into the complexities and the adventure of the world of specialty coffee

Identifying that it is not only the coffee itself that makes the perfect cup, the focus will switch to water and the industry’s’ great tap vs. filtered debate, and then to the all important equipment: grinders, scales and brewers.

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Workshop Coffee Co.

After the theory it’s time to get practical as the experts reveal how to make great tasting coffee: slightly sweet, with some acidity and good balance – attributes that are achieved through four basic variables: Dose Weight, Brew Weight, Grind Size and Brew Time.

Finally there will be a demonstration of coffee making via a trio of different appliances – the French Press, V60 ‘Pourover’ and Aeropress.

Workshop Coffee Co.

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