Grey Goose | Boulangerie François Pop Up

19th November 2013
Tina Baraga
cut111 Grey Goose | Boulangerie François Pop UpGrey Goose Boulangerie François
Boulangerie Francois. Grey Goose | Boulangerie François Pop Up

Grey Goose Boulangerie François

When you think of Grey Goose, a bakery does not exactly come to mind. However, from November 28-30, Grey Goose is set to open Boulangerie François, a special artisan bakery.

Situated in the heart of London’s Soho district, freshly baked ‘GREY GOOSE Pain’ will be made from soft winter wheat used to create Grey Goose Vodka. Coming from the Picardie Region, also known as the ‘bread basket’ of France, the wheat will be made into épi de ble circular and straight baguettes.

To accompany the bread, visitors to Boulangerie François can expect to taste a selection of ‘GREY GOOSE Confitures’ created from flavoured Grey Goose Vodkas; mellow-sweet Pear Confiture made from Grey Goose La Poire, bright zesty Orange Confiture made from Grey Goose L’Orange and soft bittersweet Lemon Confiture made from Grey Goose Le Citron.

The interior design of Boulangerie François will feature an eclectic mix of intriguing, artistic impressions, striking items of décor and curated artefacts which reflect Grey Goose’s take on the traditional boulangerie experience.

It was Maître de Chai François Thibault’s initial vision to create a luxury vodka from such an unusual source such as Picardie wheat and to this day he oversees the crafting of the Grey Goose vodka and personally tastes every batch.

Grey Goose Pain Confiture 1024x767 Grey Goose | Boulangerie François Pop Up

Grey Goose Pain & Confiture

“In the beginning, I was considered a maverick, even an eccentric, for trying to make vodka in historic Cognac France, from wheat no less. There were many naysayers and sceptics, and all were waiting for me to fail, but I knew I could prove them wrong and create a product that tasted unlike anything available”, comments François.

Serving the finest French bread made from Grey Goose wheat, Boulangerie François is a deluxe French treat with a twist.

Visitors to Boulangerie François can make a donation to benefit Elton John AIDS Foundation, a long-term charity partner of Grey Goose.

Boulangerie François
Thursday 28 – Saturday 30 November 2013
9am – 6pm
136 Shaftesbury Avenue, London W1D