Around the World in 80 Drinks│Mr. Fogg’s Bar Mayfair

10th June 2013
Robert Westacott

mr foggs cut 1 Around the World in 80 Drinks│Mr. Foggs Bar Mayfair

Mr. Fogg’s, a new and extraordinary bar has opened in Mayfair, drawing its thematic premise from Jules Verne’s infamous adventurer Phileas Fogg.

The design of the bar is based on the Victorian Mayfair house in which Fogg himself would have lived after circumnavigating the world in 80 days, taking inspiration from his period drawing room, and showcasing a wealth of artefacts and ornaments collected along his travels. Guests have the privilege of experiencing all the wonders of the world without ever leaving London.

Passepartout, Mr. Fogg’s loyal valet kindly greets guests in the elegant hallway, taking care of any coats and umbrellas in the process. Members of staff are dressed in bespoke old-fashioned Military uniforms to add to the detail and authenticity of the setting.

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Sketch of Mr. Fogg's, 2013. © Christopher Lees

There are a collection of decorative trinkets, and annotated maps and pictures on display, for guests to gain a genuine insight into Mr. Fogg’s monumental voyage. Furthermore, clocks feature prominently throughout the bar as a nod to Mr Fogg’s emphasis on time-keeping and punctuality. Finally, a piano which is occasionally put into use for sing-alongs, as well as a magnificent open fireplace add the finishing touches to the impressive bar.

The menu puts a modern spin on ‘Victorian Cocktailian Culture’, with many classics from that era being revived with an original twist, such as: Absinthe Aperitifs, Gin Fizzes, Grog’s, Sazeracs, Stirrup Cups and Pouce Cafés. Mr. Fogg’s also provides sharing drinks straight out of the pages of Jules Verne’s novel, served in the form of globes, Red Indian’s heads, steam trains and antique punch bowls.

Mr. Fogg’s is the latest venture of Inception Group, founded by Charlie Gilkes and Duncan Stirling, the masterminds behind Chelsea speakeasy Bart’s, 80s themed nightclub Maggies, and the extremely popular Bunga Bunga in Battersea.

The venue is located on a small side-road off of Berkeley Square, to respect Phileas Fogg’s appreciation for privacy and discretion. A small plaque marks a door with Victorian lanterns hanging outside to alert informed guests of the exact location.

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Address: Mr Fogg’s, 15 Bruton Lane, London, W1J 6JD

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