Tanner & co. London │ Bermondsey Street’s Most Recent Restaurant

24th May 2013
Robert Westacott
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Bermondsey Street, one of London’s premier dining locations, receives a new addition to its repertoire of restaurants as Tanner & co. opens this month.

The dynamic venue, which is launching over the bank holiday weekend of 23rd – 27th May 2013, offers customers the opportunity to eat for the price they decide is appropriate in its opening days. This ‘like for like’ initiative will require customers to book in advance by phone or email, provide constructive feedback on the reasoning behind their self-allocated bills, and exclusively applies to food not drinks.

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Tanner & co. offers all day dining in a retro gym-style setting with 100 covers. The menu is comprised of a contemporary interpretation of traditional comfort food, incorporating a number of innovative modern cooking techniques. There is something to satisfy all interests, with lighter and healthier options available, as well as unique snack-type dishes and some delectable desserts. Separate breakfast and brunch menus also contribute to the all-encompassing experience.

Tanner & co. also includes a bar with an extensive cocktail menu, which draws inspiration from the history and heritage of the local area and its famous residents. Even the name is derived from the notoriety of Bermondsey Street as a location for many of London’s tanneries in the past.

A theatrical concept is ever-present in the restaurant, as an unorthodox yet entertaining carvery trolley serves skewers to the table and appeals to the atmosphere whilst doing so.

Furthermore, the new dining destination has the capacity to host large private functions, suitable for up to 250 guests. Tanner & co. promises to live up to the location, providing Bermondsey Street with an exciting restaurant and bar for any occasion.

Address: 50 Bermondsey Street, London, SE1 3UD
Wesbsite: https://tannerandco.co.uk/


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